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Simple Definition Of Steel Strip
Jun 05, 2017

Steel is easy to rust in air and water, and the corrosion rate of zinc in the atmosphere is only 1/15 of the corrosion rate of steel in the atmosphere.

Steel Belt (Steel Belt) refers to the conveyor belt made of carbon steel as the traction and carrying member of belt conveyor, also can be used for bundling goods; it is a kind of narrow and long steel plate produced by all kinds of steel mills in order to adapt to the needs of different industrial sectors for the industrialization of various metal or mechanical products

Steel belt also known as strip, is width within 1300mm, length according to the size of each volume slightly different. Steel is generally rolled into the supply, with a high dimensional precision, good surface quality, easy processing, saving materials and other advantages.

Steel belt According to the material used is divided into ordinary strip and high-quality steel strip two, according to the processing method of hot-rolled steel strip, cold-rolled strip strips two.