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Matters Relating To The Production Of Steel Strips
Jun 05, 2017

1. Before the boot, must check the equipment rotation part and the electrical appliance part is safe and reliable, if has the unusual, must seek the personnel to repair promptly.

2. Work site stacking materials should be neat, access to no obstructions.

3. The operator must wear overalls, tighten the cuffs, wear a working cap, gloves, goggles.

4. When driving, it is prohibited to clean, refuel and repair equipment, nor to clean the workplace. It is forbidden to touch the steel belt and the turning part by hand when driving.

5. No tools or other items should be placed on the equipment or protective cover when driving.

6. When using electric hoist hanging, should observe the electric hoist safety operating rules, should check whether the wire rope is intact and good, pay attention to whether the hook hangs well. Hanging steel belt is not allowed to be inclined hanging or in the production process will be suspended in the air.

7. The power supply should be cut off immediately when the work is finished or halfway out.