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Development History Of Galvanized Steel Sheet
Jun 05, 2017

1937, the United States established the first continuous hot-dip galvanized strip production line, 1942 in the United States completed the first continuous galvanization strip production line, from the entry of industrial production has been more than 70 years of production history.

Hot-dip galvanized products are widely used in construction, home appliances, travel, container manufacturing, mechanical and electrical industry, almost all areas of basic necessities. In recent years, the World galvanized steel plate demand is increasing, production growth is also very fast, in the United States, Japan and other large-scale steel production, hot-dip galvanized steel sheet in the proportion of steel has reached 13%-15%.

Recently, the automobile industry has paid more and more attention to the service life of materials, and the cold rolled steel plate can not meet the requirements of corrosion resistance. In this case, the corrosion-resistant and low-cost hot-dip galvanized plate began to be popular with the automobile manufacturers.

The biggest advantage of coated steel plate is excellent corrosion resistance, coating property, decorative property and good formability. In recent years, the use of coated steel plates in automobiles has been increasing, and has become the main body of automobile sheet. All countries in the world are studying how to enlarge the variety and specification of coated plate, improve the coating process and improve the coating quality, that is, corrosion resistance, powder peeling, coating and weldability. The formability of the coating plate is always an important aspect of its application, which depends on the performance of the substrate, the process and the properties of the coating and the forming process, and can achieve good results through the combination of advanced technology.