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What about the white rust on the galvanized sheet?
Jun 05, 2017

In general, galvanized steel plates appear white rust is often the cause of transport or storage, because the production of white rust represents the steel coil in a high humidity state, or even by water immersion, sometimes because of long-distance transport or the rapid change in the weather steel coil will produce condensation phenomenon, which is very easy to cause white rust.

To avoid white rust, we recommend:

☆ When ordering, according to the subsequent use, select different treatment: including chromic acid treatment, coating oil, phosphate treatment or fingerprint-resistant treatment;

☆ Steel coil In the transport process cover good poncho, whether or not rain, if the use of shipping to avoid cup water invasion;

☆ Steel coil Storage in good ventilation, high terrain, if the humidity is too large can also consider the use of dryers;

☆ If the condensation or water soaked to open the packaging, as soon as possible dry, for the white rust has been produced can be soaked with cloth oxalic acid wipe, and then rinse with water and dry;

☆ Follow first to first use, as soon as possible the principle of use, to avoid long-term storage of steel coils;

☆ in the South hot and humid areas in particular to pay attention to.