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Small knowledge of galvanized sheet-characteristics of conventional coatings
Jun 05, 2017

1. Hot-Dip Pure zinc products, code is GI.

Hot-dip galvanized products are characterized by attractive surface, good corrosion resistance and good processability.

It is divided into two kinds, one is normal zinc flower, and one is zinc-free flower. Before the hot-dip galvanized products due to the zinc in the lead can not be refined very pure, the surface always have some zinc flowers, so our old concept inside hot galvanized is a zinc flower. With the demand of the automobile industry, hot-dip galvanized car board to do coating requirements, zinc flower on the coating is affected, and later by the zinc ingots and zinc in the lead content reduced to dozens of ppm, we can produce no zinc flowers or very little zinc flower products. For some special uses like the building above or like a large zinc flower, we can be in the zinc solution to add lead or antimony and other elements, to obtain large and beautiful zinc flowers.

2. alloying product, its code is GA.

The advantages of this product is the coating surface coating adhesion is particularly good, paint after the corrosion resistance is also very good, in addition to its weldability is very good. But its surface topography is gray, not very suitable for bare, if we do not paint the case is not recommended, because its coating contains 7-15 iron, if not to do the coating, this part of the iron will produce a very light very light red rust. Although the corrosion resistance of the red rust will not be further expanded, but the appearance is not very good. So the main use of zinc ferroalloy or in the use of coating, like the car's outer plate and refrigerator side plate, you can directly use GA products, like the refrigerator processing, it can not do before processing directly sprayed powder, adhesion is also very good.

3. Aluminum Zinc products, characterized by corrosion resistance is particularly good, the appearance of the surface is also very beautiful. Its zinc flower looks like the more beautiful fish scales, very beautiful, can be used directly naked. Its corrosion resistance is our ordinary hot dip galvanized 2-6 times, its high temperature performance is also relatively good, can be in the case of 300 Shan use does not change color, short time use, in 700 Shan also has a relatively good color retention ability, than and has excellent thermal reflection effect. So this product is now a lot of use in the construction of home appliances industry.