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Mechanical properties of Galvanized sheet
Jun 05, 2017

Bending test

The bending test is the main item to measure the sheet metal process performance, but the national standard is not consistent with the requirements of all kinds of galvanized sheet, the American standard except the structure level, the rest does not require the bending and tensile test. In Japan, except structural grade, building corrugated plate and general corrugated plate, all of them require bending test.

Shan Requirements: The general requirements of galvanized plate bending 180 °, the outer surface of the zinc layer shall not be separated, the plate base shall not be cracked and broken;

Shan test methods: The sampling site and the number see "8" Related product standards, bending angle of 180 °, the medial interval and test sample thickness ratio, see "8" listed in the relevant product standards.

Tensile test

Shan Performance Index: Generally speaking, only the structure, La and deep stamping galvanized sheet has tensile performance requirements. The structure of galvanized sheet is required to have the yield point, tensile strength and elongation ratio; The specific values are shown in the "8" of this section on product standards;

Shan test method: The same as the general thin plate test method, see "8" provided by the relevant standards and "ordinary carbon steel Sheet" test methods listed in the standard.

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