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Brief introduction of Cold rolled strip
Jun 05, 2017

Cold rolled strip and thin plate are generally of 0.1 thickness, the width is 100, all are hot rolled strip or steel plate as raw material, at room temperature by cold rolling mill. Cold rolled strip and sheet has the advantages of smooth surface, flatness, high precision and good mechanical properties, the products are mostly rolled, and a large part is processed into coated steel plate factory. Roll-rolled cold-rolled sheet production efficiency is high, easy to use, conducive to subsequent processing. Therefore, it has been widely used to replace hot laminated sheet with the same thickness. Only a small number of special-purpose cold-rolled alloy steel plates are rolled in single sheet. The production of cold-rolled strip and sheet has accounted for about 30% of the total steel production in industrialized countries. In addition to ordinary carbon steel grades, there are silicon steel, stainless steel and alloy structural steel.